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Nicolò Augusto Manica

is an International Speaker, Marketing Professor, Founder and Entrepreneur.

Nicolò is a Facebook Ad Buyer Mentor since 2018 and has helped companies and professionals to achieve their results with his Marketing strategies.

Recently Nicolò was interviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines, including Forbes, Yahoo Finance and Segodnya. In addition, Nicolo is a professor of Digital Content Marketing at the French Business School Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Nicolò was born with an innate capacity of thinking outside the box. Since the early years he has tried to find more efficient to solutions to every life’s issue he got, from school to private life. Moreover, his desire of freedom, has let him deciding always in a disruptive way.
Nicolò, after graduating in Management engineering at Politecnico university in Milan, worked in different environments and cultures, from US to China, in order to spread his global vision. He also obtained 2 Masters, one in International management at Esade Business school in Barcelona (Spain) and another one in International Business at Queen’s university in kingston (Canada). 
He started his entrepreneurial path as digital marketer while in university, and actually paid for his master’s degrees with the profits he generated from his marketing campaigns.

After university, he evolved into the E-commerce world, where he continued his success. The ability to generate consistent success through digital marketing helped him become influencer in the digital marketing industry, with thousands of young European entrepreneurs looking to him online for guidance and motivation.

Nicolò was able to use his knowledge and strategies to create successful companies, become an international speaker and an University professor as the latest milestone. 

Nicolo Manica

Nicolò, in every project, in every venture and in every speech, inspires others and shares incredibly innovative strategies!


Creating and Implementing Marketing Funnels for Brands and Professionals

Nicolò is a Co-Founder of Targeto.
“It’s been a long journey since we started, but passion and hard work led me to build with my partners one of the most competent Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies in the world.”

My experience

About my speeches

Nicolò gives speeches worldwide sharing value, experience and knowledge regarding Digital Marketing strategies, trends and future applications.

His speeches want to inspire others and to share techniques learned through his years of experience to let other succesful in this industry.

Nicolò recently gave his speeches at the following Worldwide conferences in front of crowded audiences:

  1. Big Data in Business Esade Business School, Barcelona (ES)
  2. Digital Marketing Trends – Direct Marketing Conference, Valencia (ES)
  3. Affiliate Marketing, Pros and ConsMarketing Genius, Rimini (IT)
  1. … continuing from above…
  2. How to create a Media Buying Team in RemoteThe European Summit, Prague (CZ)
  3. Using Facebook Ads to Leverage your BusinessMarketing Genius, Rome (IT)
  4. Lead Generation through Online MarketingAllinners Conference, Cervia (IT)
  5. Best E-commerce TechniquesThe European Summit, Prague (CZ)
  6. Online Strategy for small BrandsCamera di Commercio Riviere di Liguria, Albenga (IT)
  7. Attracting Investors? Spread your startup’s voice online!Invest Summit, Kiev (UK)
  8. Mini Brands in E-commerceAffiliate Expo, Rome (IT)
  9. The Mindset to become a Digital Entrepreneur – Allinners Conference, Milan (IT)
  10. Develop Your PassionCems Club Lisbon (PT)

    11. Develop Your E-commerce Brand – The European Summit, Marbella (ES)

Other Companies Created



uDroppy is both a software and logistics platform which allows E-Commerce brand to fully automate their operations by letting them managing everything with a few clicks. Sourcing, fulfillment and fast international shipping is provide for all products coming from China.


Globo Media is a company specialized in trainings about Digital E-Learning.  Moreover, through Globo Media is possible to hire Nicolò Manica for speaking engagements and team trainings around the world.

I have built brands &

SKILLS over time

My Experience


Since 2014 I am developing innovative strategies and created funnels that converts, achieving goals and helping companies worldwide. My achievements and knowledge have been recognised by Grenoble Business School giving me the opportunity to be a Digital Content Marketing professor at their University.


I have always wanted to make an impact in this world creating companies that add value to the market and innovate, creating jobs and spreading globally.


If you want to succeed you need to sell, you can sell and idea, a product or yourself. I learned this years ago and today I am sharing my experience to my sales team


I give speeches worldwide sharing value, experience and knowledge regarding Digital Marketing strategies, trends and future applications in front of crowded audiences. My speeches want to inspire others and to share techniques learned through my years of experience to let other succesful in this industry.

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